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A Letter For You! is a visual novel for YuriJam 2019!! You play as Alex, a lonely vampire girl moving into a new town!.. Full of other monster girls, of course. She's working as a mail delivery girl, and the yearly Blossom Festival is only a week away! Will she find someone to go with in time?

Main Cast

(ps, it's pronounced "A-su-ko", the tsu is like in tsunami)

The Game

  • +8k words!
  • 4~5 hours total playtime!
  • Cute Girls!
  • 6 Endings!
  • Poorly designed GUI!
  • Content warning: Screen shakes, some stuff gets sad, discussions of neurodivergency and trans topics, atsuko swears (like a lot whoops). if something about the game's menu means you can't play it, tell me and i'll try my best to fix it!! 

Who made this game?

Me!.. mostly? I did all the art, writing, and some of the music

Any music that sounds good was made by tracy (https://princexx.itch.io/)

And literally all the coding was done by people in the yurijam discord (mostly bunSE (https://bunse.itch.io/))

Special thanks to everyone in the yurijam discord for supporting me and keeping me motivated, and Nami, for being a huge inspiration (both emotionally and for everything about the game's gui bnflkdnbhlkfd)

Why should I give You money?

You shouldn't! but if you want to, you can get Super Cool Wallpapers! and Reference Sheets!! For only two dollars!!!!!!!


This is the first game i've ever really made... or story i've written, or big art project finished. the goal was to just.. finish something and i know i planned wayy too big and it's not great, and this is.. less finished than maybe i wanted it to be, so some things might be updated after the jam... but this is a big thing for me. so... i hope you enjoy it. - max


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this game is so good!! is beautiful,cute and so lovable

my favorite is daisy! (SHE IS SO CUTE, a little cute trans lesbian wolf <33)

very cute artstyle, i like the sprites and "minimalistic" backgrounds
 cute monsters and each of them has their own color of everything, cool idea 
 totally different personalities and styles, too

romance options...  tess is my favourite.

 what happened to Alex' uniform? i don't get it...

well it's a short game but very enjoyable and replayable

p.s. frogs are gay

i encountered a bug where im doing the tess route and i see the same conversation about gay frogs more than once

also alexès line 'ah okay' in the festival w/ atsuko has a character that doesnt render

thanks for telling me! just a couple script errors =w= i'll fix it!

this is so cute! all the girls are so cute (i especially love penn). the art & ui are also just really charming. if you ever decide to make more games in this universe (or more games in general) i'd really love to play them!

just some small things though - if you do the friend route (read a book > apartment block > stay home), even though you don't know zoe's name yet, you still say you're going to text zoe. there also seems to be some issues displaying characters (i'll include a screenshot)

:0 tysm!! i did some of my writing in a program that replaces things with unicode characters and the coding is VERY messy (my first game haha) but i'm glad u like it!!!!! i'll work on fixing those things now :)